Arcus Asset is an RFID cloud based asset management solution designed for simple installation and scalable implementations. It can easily be installed across a network of locations allowing assets to be tracked across multiple sites and for the life of the asset.

Arcus Asset operates seamlessly within an organisation, identifying assets during its life and use and unlike other Asset tracking packages, Arcus Asset not only keeps track of the value of an asset but also tracks its location live!

Arcus has been developed in Australia for the world market. Arcus Asset is designed for multiple applications in various locations connecting to multiple databases. It is compatible with multiple time zones and has a multilingual interface.
Arcus does not require local servers reducing cost and greatly simplifying installations, maintenance, and infrastructure. Cloud Computing is now the most common server infrastructure. It is the direction for users who want a system that grows with their applications.

Each RFID portal can be used for multiple functions, so for example a security gate can also be used to update a last seen asset location.

Arcus can interact with a building control systems opening doors via the building control system or directly via the reader.

The Arcus asset management system is made up of Association stations, Portals and PDA devices for Stocktakes and Searching capability.

Once items are associated with a RFID tag, they are tracked as they pass portals.

Arcus Asset tracks important assets across an organisation by providing the last seen location, and with handheld devices searching for misplaced product. It can be used across multiple locations providing a valuable system, saving valuable time to locate an asset when needed. It can alarm if an item is taken out of its authorized location with light, sound and email alerts to specified persons responsible for the asset.