Library Self Service

Adilam offers a variety of options for Self Service. Arcus Self Service can be supplied on our modern custom designed kiosks or as a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Arcus Self Service is intuitive, fast and simple for the end user. Arcus allows libraries to choose the style and functionality they wish to use:

  • Issue and/or Return
  • Books can be automatically returned or issued
  • A list of items can be displayed and the end user, when ready, selects to issue or return the items
  • Receipts can be any combination of print, email, or SMS
  • User preferences are remembered for future transactions and can be updated by the user
  • Renewals
  • AV Unlocking with One Time cases
  • Payment Options for EFTPOS or onscreen payment portals
  • Promotional Screens savers and banner adds