On Floor Portable Security

Adilam’s on floor security portals are an attractive solution for libraries wanting an open welcoming entrance. Is simple to install and can even be used as a portable security panel for events, classrooms, or mobile libraries. On Floor portals are only 18mm thick with a separate On Floor or Portable Security Arcus is interactive security control box. It can be configured to make an entrance up to 5m from a single controller although there are practical limitations for strength and portability at this length.

The portal uses Adilam’s unique Envoy web service to determine if detected RFID tags should alarm the gate. This innovative approach facilitates the use of mobile devices or barcode to checkout items from the library. It means library patrons can checkout the library item using a library App on their own mobile phone or tablet. It also supports the traditional approach of detecting a security bit for alarming, or embracing both Envoy and security bit to have the benefit of both worlds.