Adilam New Branding

SINGAPORE, MELBOURNE, 24th July 2018 -- Adilam is pleased to introduce its new branding. our previous branding has served us well for decades, but its time for a refresh. The new branding retains the principle concepts of the original yet introduces a more contemporary look and feel.


Blacktown Library Service introduces Arcus Self Service with AV Unlocking and new upright security gates

SYDNEY, 1 FEB 2018 -- Blacktown Library Services have introduced Arcus Self Service kiosks with AV unlocking at all their branches, this replaces their barcode only self service machines. New upright security gates were also installed with a modern design and a 2 meters walkway.


Blacktown Upgrades their Sorter

SYDNEY, 3 JUL 2017 -- Blacktown Library Service have upgraded their existing Tecevo sorter. Max Webber Library have used the same configuration since 2005. They have now upgraded their sorter from five to seven return locations and added an accumulation segment to allow two return chutes to return multiple items at once. This will increase the speed of returns, allow better separation of items, and improve patron flow. The unique modular design of the Tecevo Sorters has allowed Blacktown to upgrade the sorter without having to replace the previous sorter modules.