Toowoomba City library goes live with Adilam and Tecevo Sorter

QUEENSLAND, 15 FEB 2016 -- The brand new Toowoomba City Library has opened with a Adilam and Tecevo Sorter. Toowoomba selected the sorter for the fast multiple item return rate of up to 2000 items an hour including an accumulation section to handle much higher peak returns. They also opted to include a Bin Unloading module to allow full return bins of items to be automatically unloaded onto the sorter from the external return chute.


Victor Harbor moves from UHF to HF RFID for consortium compatibility

SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 6 OCT 2015. Victor Harbor Library has moved from the Arcus UHF system to the Arcus HF solution. As Victor Harbor is now part of the South Australian 1LMS Consortium with a state wide tag format conforming to the HF 28560 standard. The move to HF required no downtime of the RFID solution or staff retraining as the interface stayed the same.